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New Orleans Under Reconstruction: The Crisis of Planning

The process of decoding a place with a view to look for a safe future.


Project New Orleans has always been about the most essential part of reconstruction to take things towards the right extent of change.


The exhibitions in 2006 and the building of the Project New Orleans web archive was supported by a grant given by Katrina Fund of the Zemurray Foundation, administered through the Greater New Orleans Foundation.


Project New Orleans is seeking to catalog and record architectural and planning proposals created for the post-Katrina rebuilding of New Orleans.

What We Do


Discussing a range of topics that are known to open up a path of difference in a manner that we all prefer.


A classic range of exhibits that display aspects and convey opinions about topics that hold the ground of importance.


The value of information stands to be vital and clear through our publications as it taps your mind to reach a level of advancement.

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“The different projects that they host have always made me think and analyze the next step that we need to take.”
Tania James

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